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i2 Analytical


Founded in 2003, i2 Analytical is one of Europe’s fastest growing and most innovative leading independent laboratories, providing customers with comprehensive analytical testing within the environmental, geotechnical, asbestos, occupational hygiene and food testing sectors. Our multidisciplined laboratory in East Kilbride offers a range of services including Geochemical Analysis, Geotechnical Analysis, Asphalt Analysis, Onsite Services, Air Testing and Dust Monitoring.  

i2 Scotland with its sample reception provides clients with the option of bringing samples directly for testing.  As a logistics centre it has a dedicated collection team of 3 vans travelling as far as Aberdeen and Inverness on a daily basis providing peace of mind that samples will be collected, stored and transported by trained representatives.  The newly opened water laboratory offers time dependant tests such as of BOD, COD, pH, EC, Turbidity and Suspended Solids providing reassurance that holding times are not compromised.  Our team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in environmental testing. 

i2’s offering is unique in the UK; it has one of the most extensive ranges of analytical parameters accredited to the UK Environment Agency’s MCERTS (Monitoring Certification Scheme) standard of all laboratories based in the UK, designed specifically for ease of use, with one laboratory, one supplier and a dedicated point of contact. 

i2 pride themselves in innovating and driving value by investing in the newest technologies and instrumentation. i2’s own in-house “courier service” provides reassurance that customer samples will be transported safely and reliably to the laboratory. With over 17 vehicles around the UK and at least 7 further vehicles in relay transporting samples to the laboratory in Poland, i2 can support client projects located in over 70 postcode regions with our own vehicles.

i2 understand that saving time on site is saving money. i2 use minimal sample volumes for soils and waters which in turn saves sampling time on site. It also reduces waste and additionally provides cost savings on deliveries as samples can be transported easily and efficiently.

The environmental laboratories at i2 have been built to operate on a 24 hour basis, processing large volumes of samples to tight reporting deadlines to support a wide range of sectors across the environmental industry undertaking environmental testing of soil, groundwater, surface water, final sewage effluents, trade effluents, leachates, gases, dust, asbestos and waste material samples.  i2 can also perform soil bio-accessibility testing, WAC and leachate analysis including up flow percolation and Asbestos Dustiness testing.


The Geotechnical division at i2 gained UKAS Accreditation in 2015 and provides testing in accordance with British and European standards. i2 assist a wide range of sectors including GeoEnvironmental consultants, Site investigation contractors, Civil Engineering and landfill construction companies, together with quarried and recycled aggregate (WRAP) producers. Complementing the wide scope of geotechnical testing, i2 also provides site services across locations throughout the UK.

The Air Division launched in 2020 offers a more extensive scope of testing than any other commercial laboratory within the UK, analysing 98 different types of media across 60 internationally recognised standards for the purpose of collecting and analysing particulate, aerosols and vapours using passive and active sampling approaches.

i2 employ known industry standards as published by the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO), the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). Quality systems are rigorously audited by United Accreditation Service (UKAS) through annual laboratory visits both in the UK and Poland.

With the large scope of testing services available, i2 are committed to understanding the customers’ requirements and delivering a cost effective solution. 

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