Coal Authority


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There’s a lot more to the Coal Authority than you might think. We are absolutely focused on making a better future for people and the environment in
the UK’s mining areas and we have been doing this for over 25 years. With this comes endless opportunities for land development, from protecting and enhancing the environment, to harnessing geothermal energy from mine water, to the future of supplying mining information to the legal, property and construction sectors.
Our information and expertise is the foundation on which we have built a range of products and advisory services to support the acquisition, planning and development of sites. This enables us to help people and businesses to make informed decisions. This includes offering pre-application advice on land and development proposals, to provide greater certainty on what needs to be considered when submitting a planning
application or undertaking site works.

Our progressive and collaborative approach to working with mining communities and businesses located across the UK’s coalfields is certain to provide exciting future opportunities for generations to come.


Remediation of the Mersey Gateway