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The Coal Authority


The Coal authority is a non departmental public body for the department of business, energy and industrial strategy otherwise known as BEIS.

The Coal Authority has a mission to protect people and the environment from the impact of historic coal mining in England, Scotland and Wales. We store and share information about coal mines, spread awareness about the hazards and risks, remediate the land around coal mines, where needed, and clean the water that flows through them (reusing by-products safely where possible).


In recent years, we have taken this one step further, sharing our knowledge about disused coal mines as a potential source and store of low carbon heat. Water which naturally flows into mines after mining has ended holds the key to unlocking a new low carbon heat source to heat homes and businesses on the coalfields. The Coal Authority now facilitates and supports the delivery of mine water heat projects and work with property owners and local authorities to make these projects happen.


Our role includes honouring our industrial past whilst managing its impact today and looking at future possibilities to repurpose our mining infrastructure to supply low carbon heating.  

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