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ERS is a specialist site investigation and remediation contractor. We provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to contaminated soil and groundwater through our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. We're proud to be 100% employee owned.


Our services include:

  • On- and off-site remediation of contaminated soil

  • In- and ex-situ treatment of contaminated groundwater

  • Treatability testing

  • Geoenvironmental and geotechnical site investigation

  • Invasive Weeds survey and treatment


We are also licensed waste brokers and hauliers, and can offer a wide variety of waste material removal solutions with a focus on identifying treatment and recycling options, or alternatively, the optimal waste disposal option satisfying duty of care requirements.

Our clients include Developers, Housebuilders, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Contractors and Consultants, with projects ranging in value from under £5k to over £2m.

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