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Evonik Active Oxygens is a global provider of field-proven and innovative remediation technologies. These chemistries are designed to enable soil, sediment and groundwater treatment of in situ and ex situ applications. 


Our portfolio of chemical oxidation, chemical reduction, metals treatment and bioremediation technologies promote the rapid and cost effective removal of a wide range of organic compounds and heavy metals. For more than 20 years Evonik products have been used to successfully treat thousands of sites with impacted groundwater, soils, sediments and industrial process wastes around the globe. Our products are designed and manufactured in house.



We pride ourselves on seeing all projects through from start to finish with dedicated technical specialists to assist with all stages of a project from remediation design, through application to verification and closeout. Our experienced team of environmental professionals works collaboratively with customers to develop cost-effective solutions and support our customers with services including treatability studies, remedial designs and field application expertise. 



  • A team of experienced environmental professionals, including PhD level scientists and recognised specialists in chemistry, microbiology, geology and field applications 

  • Over 80 years of chemical manufacturing experience 

  • State-of-the-art environmental laboratory focused on R&D and customer treatability studies 

  • Experienced field implementation experts 

  • Remedial design support and post-application data evaluation



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KLOZUR®SP is a powerful chemical oxidant effective in treating a wide range of recalcitrant contaminants, including chlorinated solvents, petroleum and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). When activated, it provides an unmatched combination of oxidative power and control that can be delivered both safely and cost effectively. 


KLOZUR®ONE is an all-in-one product containing KLOZUR®SP and activator reagents to deliver activated persulfate chemistry in a single injection more conveniently than ever before. 


KLOZUR®KP is an extended release, environmental grade potassium persulfate with the same power of sodium persulfate but a much lower solubility, making it effective for PRB applications, plume treatment or low permeability zones. 


KLOZUR®CR is an easy-to-use product consisting of alkaline activated KLOZUR®SP and PERMEOX®ULTRA combining the powerful chemical oxidation reactions with long term bioremediation.



EHC®REAGENT is a combination of controlled release organic carbon and micro-scale zero valent iron (ZVI), stimulating both abiotic and biotic dechlorination mechanisms for the treatment of groundwater and saturated soil impacted by chlorinated solvents, pesticides and organic explosives. Also available as EHC®PLUS including powdered activated carbon (PAC) for plume retardation.


ELS®MICROEMULSION is a lecithin-based substrate providing enhanced reductive dechlorination reactions for effective biodegradation of halogenated compounds. 


DARAMEND® REAGENT is a low cost treatment technology for soils impacted by recalcitrant organic compounds, such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides and explosives. 



TERRAMEND®REAGENT is a cost-effective treatment technology for soils impacted by recalcitrant organic compounds that can often be applied without excavation, generates no odors or leachate and does not result in soil bulking. 


PERMEOX®ULTRA is a specially formulated grade of calcium peroxide engineered to provide an extended oxygen release and essential nutrients for enhanced aerobic bioremediation. 



GEOFORM®REAGENTS is the next generation reductive technology, engineered to deliver the building blocks needed to promote in situ biogeochemical reactions. GEOFORM® provides a source of sulfate, ferrous iron, electron donors, pH buffer and nutrients to promote mechanisms for dehalogenation via enhanced anaerobic bioremediation, abiotic degradation and the formation of reactive minerals. 



METAFIX®REAGENTS are custom formulated blends of ZVI, reducing agents, reactive minerals, adsorbents and pH modifiers for treatment of soil or groundwater via formation of stable heavy metal precipitates. 


For more information, please contact Jamie Harris, UK and Ireland Technical Representative

Mob: +44 (0)7799 477287

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