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The construction, infrastructure and energy ecosystems are evolving to find efficiency in an ever
more competitive market place. Igne was formed to bring together expertise in pre-construction
and drilling services, to provide efficiency through simplicity.

Igne provides sustainable, high quality integrated or stand-alone solutions to site investigation,
testing, UXO, geo-environmental, geothermal energy and water supply challenges.

We can provide you with locally based expertise and knowledge supported with national strength
where delivery is integrated, through one supplier, informed by our breadth of experts.

Providing resolution to today’s problems resulting from yesterday’s legacy of brownfield and
contaminated sites, Igne brings together strategy, action through investigation, results and solutions
to inform efficient, targeted remediation and validation. We offer full suite capability of UKAS and
M-CERTS accredited geotechnical, site and chemical testing. We are one company, with one team of
experienced engineers and skilled scientists, working together to support you; whatever your

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