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Proctor Group


Based on more than 50 years expertise, the A. Proctor Group has led the way in researching and developing a superior range of technically advanced construction membranes.


Our specialist range of geo solutions, which include gas membranes and venting components enable compliance with the increasing standards and demands of the Gas Protection sector for use on contaminated land sites.


Adequate protection against the ingress of ground gas is crucial, and the A. Proctor Group provide safe, cost-effective, and value-engineered solutions.


Solutions from the Protech range include Protech VOC Flex, a high performance 6 layer flexible proprietary reinforced VOC barrier suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons. Another key addition is the Provoid Gas Venting System that consists of a 25mm geo-composite ‘void former’ that can be laid under the entire floor slab or, in strips at pre-determined centres to suit the gas regime on site.


The company also provides comprehensive technical support including CAD details and project-specific recommendations utilising the latest guidance and in full compliance with current legislation and standards. Support is available at every stage, from site investigation reports, system design to specification and installation guidance.


Visit the A Proctor Group website:

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