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Vapor Pin®


The Vapor Pin® has a variety of applications for your project from start to finish.  These include but are not limited to:  sub-slab soil-gas sampling, de-pressurization studies/testing, stray gas evaluations, source area characterization, pilot testing and mitigation progress monitoring. The Vapor Pin® has become the worldwide standard in Vapor Intrusion Investigations, Mitigation Testing, Source Characterization, Active Soil Gas Sampling, Long-Term Monitoring and Pressure Testing.  Vapor Pin has proven to provide accurate pressure readings (at pressures of 0.002 inches of water).

Stop by and see our new products (ie., Vapor Pin® Insert, mini pins, Vapor Pin® Capsule, etc)

The Vapor Pin® Insert is used to facilitate the collection of soil gas samples and pressure measurements beneath engineered vapor intrusion barriers (e.g., Geo-Seal®), or vapor mitigation coatings (e.g., Retro-Coat™) – INSERT AND CAP SOLD TOGETHER


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